Steve Dorvee Coauthors Book on Intellectual Property Law

AGG Partner Stephen M. Dorvee coauthored the new book The World’s Foremost Authorities on IP Law published by ExecSense.

Mr. Dorvee wrote the section “Prosecuting a Trade Secrets Case,” which also is available as a separate 12-page electronic book.

Mr. Dorvee has handled cases throughout the U.S. involving trade secret disputes, copyright, trademark and patent infringement, restrictive covenants, and unfair competition. He also has extensive experience in information technology litigation, including hardware and software defects cases, and has handled disputes relating to logistics software and rate databases. He is a member of AGG’s Intellectual Property and Technology Practice.

In “Prosecuting a Trade Secrets Case,” Mr. Dorvee says the key element of any trade secrets case involving technology is determining the nature of the secret and the breach.

The following questions are key:

  • What specifically is the trade secret?

  • What measures did the plaintiff take to keep the trade secret confidential?

  • Has the secret been taken? How?

  • How valuable is the secret?

Six other leading attorneys contributed to the book, including James Dabney, Susan E. Chetlin, George McGuire, Morgan Chu, Michael J. McCue, Farah Bhatti and Robert Butters.