Pharmaceutical Industry Extends Commitment to Register Clinical Trials

Over the past several years, the public health benefits associated with making clinical trial information more widely available to healthcare practitioners, patients, and others have been recognized and supported on both public and private fronts. The scope and timing of such disclosures have varied, however. In November 2009, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) released a Joint Policy that enhances the commitment to disclosure. The new policy calls for the registration of “all clinical trials in patients conducted on a medicinal product” and the disclosure of results from those trials. The policy extends the range of clinical trials about which pharmaceutical companies should disclose information to include all clinical trials in patients at a minimum. Last year the IFPMA had agreed to the registration of all confirmatory clinical trials and all exploratory efficacy trials. This 2008 policy, thus, excluded Phase I studies from registration.

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