Georgia’s Bio-Mass

AGG Partner John L. Gornall, Jr., authored an article titled, “Georgia’s Bio-Mass,” which was published in the March/April 2010 edition of Georgia Forestry Today. Bio-mass projects, both large and small, are increasing in Georgia because of its trees, transportation infrastructure and the tree growing, harvesting and processing expertise that supports major bio-mass-to-fuel and bio-mass-to-energy projects. Mr. Gornall writes that some energy companies view Georgia’s timberland and timber production as a stopgap until crops such as grasses can be planted and annually harvested in large quantities. The companies are impressed with the magnitude of Georgia’s forestry resources. Georgia also has an effective and helpful Center of Innovation for Energy housed at the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority where they gather all of the state and federal agencies that might have to approve or regulate various aspects of alternative fuel and renewable energy projects to meet with the renewable energy project team, including the developer, owner, investment bankers, venture capital companies, lenders, feed stock providers and power purchasers.

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