Jason Bring Writes for Long-Term Living Blog

On July 19, 2011, AGG Partner Jason E. Bring wrote his first blog post for the magazine, Long-Term Living. Mr. Bring is a frequent contributor to Long-Term Living, and his blog will provide him with an exciting new medium to discuss healthcare news, market trends and associated legal issues. In his first posting, “New OIG webpage catalogs quality-of-care Corporate Integrity Agreements,” Mr. Bring discusses the new Office of Inspector General (OIG) webpage dedicated solely to quality-of-care Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs). The new OIG webpage contains a central listing of all current quality-of-care CIAs and provides links to related government press releases. The blog post also serves as an addendum to a June 2011 article co-authored by Mr. Bring. That article, titled “Nursing Care Quality and the False Claims Act: Should the Two Mix?”, examines efforts to expand the applicability of the False Claims Act to allegations related to nursing home quality of care deficiencies.

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