I Remember When Hardcover Book Available

I Remember When is a large format, hardcover coffee table book, beautifully designed with dozens of interviews and photographs of baseball’s greatest players and fans.

All profits to benefit Baseball Assistance Team, a Non-Proft Charity.

Interviews of America’s Favorite Pastime
by Abe Schear

Each interviewee in this book has shared the most wonderful, and often quite personal, memories. No one of them is my favorite because all of them are my favorites. Bare of politics, rarely a thread of newsworthiness, these interviews capture a glee, a youthful enthusiasm which we all share and to which many of us can relate. These interviews are meant to be story telling, not news. They are meant to present the interviewee in the best light. To each of the interviewees, I owe a heartfelt thank you.

Unlike other sports, baseball memories are about being there, about the experience and far less about who won and lost. These memories are special and it is very important that these stories continue to be told. In keeping with the commitment made to the interviewees, all profits from this book will be donated to Baseball Assistance Team, thereby honoring the confidence bestowed by each of the truly wonderful people who participated in this project.

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