Will Atlanta Be the Next Major International Arbitration Venue?

The February 2012 edition of The Atlanta Lawyer features an international relations article written by AGG Managing Partner Glenn P. Hendrix titled “Will Atlanta Be the Next Major International Arbitration Venue?” International arbitration is the primary manner for settling intercontinental disputes. It allows the participants to settle their disputes in an impartial environment before their own chosen arbitrators. Most international arbitrations take place in London, New York, Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong and Stockholm, but Mr. Hendrix says that Atlanta can offer a lot more than those venues. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and a 1988 Georgia statute make the state very international arbitration friendly, and in Georgia international arbitration proceedings, counsel does not have to be licensed in any U.S. jurisdiction. In addition, the airport is easily accessible from more than 90 international destinations, and 76 countries are represented in Atlanta by a consulate, trade office or bi-national chamber of commerce. Atlanta has the resources needed for international arbitration hearings and provides those resources at affordable rates. Mr. Hendrix has been a leader in forming the Atlanta International Arbitration Society (AtlAS), a non-profit organization that seeks to promote Atlanta as the destination of choice in the Americas for resolving international business disputes.

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