Practice Healthy Leasing: Perform a Check Up on Your Lease

“Practice Healthy Leasing: Perform a Check Up on Your Lease,” an article written by AGG Partner, Abe Schear, was published in the October 2009 edition of Atlanta Hospital News. In the article, Mr. Schear discusses the significance of carefully reviewing lease terms before signing a binding agreement so as to avoid unnecessary complications down the road. Mr. Schear states, “Once signed, a lease is binding, yet more often than not, the problems that arise are somewhat predictable. Medical office users will continue to enter into leases (in all economies), but the landscape has certainly changed and tenants need to analyze their leverage and understand their alternatives before making an irreversible commitment. To do otherwise is to be just like the uninformed, unprepared patient facing unpleasant realities that my have been avoidable.”