Safety, Stability Spur Israeli Investment in U.S. Real Estate

AGG Partner Abe J. Schear authored an article titled “Safety, Stability Spur Israeli Investment in U.S. Real Estate,” which appeared in the September 9, 2011, edition of the Atlanta Jewish Times. Mr. Schear describe a survey by Globes, a leading Israeli business newspaper, which reveals that, over the past year, Israelis have invested $1.5 billion in U.S. income-producing properties, making them the second top buyer of U.S. real estate, falling behind Canadians. Various factors contribute to the increase in Israeli investment, such as lower prices, better exchange rate for the shekel, as well as safety, clear title and political stability in the U.S. In particular, Mr. Schear says, Israelis and other foreign investors appreciate Atlanta’s welcoming business atmosphere, as well as the overall “Southern experience.”

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