Neil Gordon Quoted on

The article “Embattled Roofers Admit Pocketing Cash While Co. Went Under” quotes AGG Partner Neil C. Gordon. The state was investigating Douglasville-based Georgia Roofing and Construction after hundreds of storm victims claimed the company took their insurance deposits but failed to install new roofs. Beginning October 1, 2010, the company started laying off large numbers of employees, and they recently filed for bankruptcy. Court documents show that the company took in $9 million this year, and company’s co-owner Shone Humphries admits that he and his partners have taken more than $300,000 each in cash each over the past year. Mr. Gordon says that the owner’s payments look illegal because there is a statute that says you cannot, as shareholders, take money from the company when it’s not paying off creditors. He expects the Chapter 7 trustee to go after the money. To read the full article, please click here.