Jason Bring and Robert Strang in AHL Weekly and Daily Report

AGG attorneys Jason E. Bring and Robert T. Strang III won a recent case in which they placed the issue of arbitratability under the Federal Arbitration Act before a federal court. The case, and Mr. Bring’s and Mr. Strang’s involvement, was mentioned in an article that ran in American Health Lawyers Weekly entitled, “Arbitrator Rules in Favor of Nursing Home in Negligence Action, Awards Attorney’s Fees.” The article details a recent case in which the arbitrator rejected a complaint against a nursing home for medical malpractice and other allegations, and awarded the nursing home, as the prevailing party, attorney’s fees totaling more than $259,000. To read the full American Health Lawyers Weekly article, please click here. Another article regarding the case, quoting Mr. Bring, appeared in the February 19th issue of the Daily Report. It was also mentioned in DRI: The Voice of the Defense Bar on April 21st (Volume 9, Issue 16).

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