Henry Perlowski Quoted on MercuryNews.com

AGG Partner Henry M. Perlowski is quoted in an article on MercuryNews.com titled “6 tips for avoiding a messy office romance.” The workplace is becoming a prime location to meet potential mates due to the increasing number of hours people work. Although most employees and employers would say if asked that they frown upon office romances, most companies do not outright prohibit it as long as the relationship does not affect the couple’s professional conduct. Mr. Perlowski offers advice on precautions to take before getting involved in an office romance. He advises avoiding any romantic involvement when there is a direct reporting relationship professionally, as it could lead to a conflict-of-interest issue or even a potential sexual harassment claim if the relationship were to turn sour. "What almost inevitably happens is that one person ends up leaving the company," Mr. Perlowski says. "The perception of the relationship is such that one person needs to leave to make it comfortable for the other. Or the relationship goes sour, and they can’t stand looking at the other person."