Henry Perlowski Quoted on BusinessDayOnline.com

BusinessDayOnline.com published an article quoting AGG Partner Henry M. Perlowski titled “Of Workplace Romance, Career Advancement… What’s the Risk?” Because employees continue to work longer and longer hours, many employees today find that the workplace is not only a prime location, but also sometimes the only place, where they can meet eligible singles. This article discusses how career development and romance in the workplace mix (or fail to mix), and offers advice on how to handle these situations. Mr. Perlowski says that the majority of companies do not expressly prohibit office romances, as long as there is no direct reporting relationship between the two employees and they are not engaged in unprofessional conduct. He says that if a direct reporting relationship between the couple exists, it can bring up a conflict of interest and the potential for a sexual harassment claim. To read the full article, please click here.