Glenn Hendrix Quoted in ABA Journal About Shariah Law

The American Bar Association’s publication ABA Journal included an article titled “Opening Statements: Anti-Shariah Bills Under Review,” which quotes AGG Managing Partner Glenn P. Hendrix. The U.S. Council on Foreign Relations contends that the exact requirements of Shariah law—which is derived from the Quran and the saying, practices and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad—are controversial, and legislators in 20 states are considering more than 40 bills that would ban or restrict the use of Shariah in their courts. The American Bar Association’s Section of International Law recently organized a task force to review the spate of anti-Shariah bills. Mr. Hendrix, who currently serves as chair of the Section, says, “Our concern is going to be with a blanket prohibition or reference to Shariah or any other body of law.”

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