Glenn Hendrix Quoted in ABA Journal

AGG Managing Partner Glenn P. Hendrix was quoted in an article titled, “International Arbitration Loses Its Grip: Are U.S. Lawyers to Blame?” which ran in the April 2010 edition of the ABA Journal. Arbitration is supposed to resolve disputes without expensive and drawn-out court battles, but arbitration of international commercial disputes has taken on many of the characteristics of litigation in U.S. courts. They now often include long and costly negotiation over document production, among other timely and expensive procedures. This “Americanization” of the process is due to the increased number of U.S. attorneys becoming involved in international arbitrations. Mr. Hendrix says that there must be more “give and take” in the proceedings for arbitration to be an acceptable solution to all parties, not just American ones. He says that the system has to accommodate a wide variety of traditions and practices for it to work with all countries. To read the full article, please click here.