Atlanta Jewish News Interviews AGG’s Israel Business Team

Atlanta Jewish News published an article entitled, "Atlanta Attorneys Matching Israeli Investors with U.S. Real Estate Firms," about the eighth trip to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for members of AGG’s Israel Business TeamAbe J. Schear, Philip G. Skinner and Shelly Rabinovitch—where they attended more than 20 investor meetings, including talks with Rafael Harpaz, director of the economic department of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The article describes how AGG’s Israel Business Team is at the forefront of the recent trend of Israeli investors vetting U.S. commercial real estate deals due to the resettling of property values here, a favorable currency exchange climate and the relative strength of the Israeli economy compared to that of the U.S. Mr. Schear will be returning to Israel in May to speak at the Israeli Bar Association annual meeting, and he anticipates many more similar trips for AGG’s Israel Business Team and its clients. To read the full article, please click here.

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