Atlanta Business Chronicle Publishes Q&A with Brian Smith

The Atlanta Business Chronicle recently published a Q&A with AGG Associate Brian R. Smith titled “Solar Facilities Can Call for Specialized Leases.” Mr. Smith and fellow AGG attorney John L. Gornall Jr. recently created a lease especially for rooftop solar power facilities, and Mr. Smith explains how solar-powered facilities and other green buildings are changing the leasing process. He says that rooftop solar power facility leases differ from traditional commercial leases because they have to honor the rights of the tenants while allowing the solar operator to maintain its project, as well. Custom leases are necessary, therefore, because most tenants will still want certain roof access protections, taking into consideration communications equipment, skylights and ventilation issues. Mr. Smith says that “Green is here to stay […] and landlords are now forced to develop green projects to stay competitive.” Those green projects will bring about new leases, agreements, contracts and forms, so the creation of custom leases for complex green projects is a trend that is likely to increase in the coming years. To read the full article, please click here (subscription may be required to view).