Arnall Golden Gregory Teams Up With The Venza Group Team to Create Learning Modules for Hospitality Industry

PCI Compliance and Sexual Harassment Prevention Modules The First to Launch

Atlanta, Georgia – Sept. 20, 2012 – The e-learning company Venza Group and the law firm Arnall Golden Gregory LLP have teamed up to create easy, Web-based training modules that benefit both employees and employers in the hospitality industry.

The first four modules focus on recognizing and preventing sexual harassment and appropriate handling of guests’ credit card information to prevent data breaches and comply with payment card industry (PCI) standards.

Hotels maintain the modules in their own Learning Management Systems (LMS), or their employees simply log onto a password protected site to access each module, where they learn about the issue, what’s expected of them and hotel policies.

The learning experiences are interactive, with users answering questions, and feature voiceovers and graphics. Each experience ends with a test and a printable certificate showing successful completion.

Venza provides hotels with the test results so they can monitor how well their employees understand the materials and more effectively focus later instruction on specific areas of weakness. Venza also provides aggregated performance data across many categories, including employee groups, property locations and trends over time.

Employment, Litigation and Privacy/Data Breach attorneys at Arnall Golden Gregory created the module content, giving users compliance and harassment prevention knowledge that lessens a hotel’s risk of legal liability.

Module lessons are superior to traditional learning methods for three important reasons.

  1. They are uniform. Every employee is getting the same information.
  2. They are convenient and easy. Employees can access the modules at their leisure and proceed at their own pace.
  3. They demonstrate a proactive approach to compliance by the employer. In the event of litigation, that could work to the employer’s favor.

The modules can be easily tailored to fit the particular needs and branding preferences of specific clients, and they are updated as new issues arise and the law changes.

Venza and Arnall Golden Gregory are rolling out additional learning modules on best practices for other legal issues, both in the hospitality industry and in other industries served by Venza and Arnall Golden Gregory.


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