Alan Minsk Quoted in Drug Topics

AGG Partner Alan G. Minsk is quoted in an article titled “FDA Holds Corporate Execs Responsible for Pharma Abuses,” which was published in Drug Topics on May 15, 2011. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reinforcing the Park Doctrine, a rule based on a 1975 case against Acme Markets President John R. Park, in which the FDA charged Park personally responsible as company president for ensuring compliance with safety regulations after having been issued numerous warning notices about rats fouling Acme food-storage facilities. As part of larger regulatory move by the FDA to instill individual responsibility, the FDA is targeting the largest drug manufacturing firms that have shrugged off billion dollar penalties in the past. Mr. Minsk says that regulators who invoke the Park Doctrine aim to prevent company executives from pointing fingers at each other to avoid solutions. The FDA issued guidelines for Park prosecutions in February, and the agency confirmed that personal knowledge of the violations or personal participation in wrongdoing are note required for prosecution under the Park Doctrine.