AGG Launches Water Resources Practice Team

Atlanta law firm Arnall Golden Gregory LLP announced it has pooled its talent to create a dedicated Water Resources Practice Team focused on helping companies manage the full spectrum of legal needs related to water usage.


Significant changes in Georgia water law, a major drought, and the much publicized tri-state battle over Lake Lanier have already placed water front and center in the public policy arena. In the near future, Georgia will also have to contend with arguments over Tennessee Basin access and a less-talked-about, but potentially more significant war with Alabama over the Alabama Coosa Talapoosa Basin. Further, the push for water conservation and reclamation technologies has never been greater.


AGG’s Water Resources Practice Team assists companies with:

  • Quality requirements under the Federal Clean Water Act and its state counterparts
  • Legal issues of developing water technologies
  • Supply planning and regulation
  • Permits and rights
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Litigation and enforcement matters
  • National water issues including Western U.S. water law

“Increasingly, businesses operating in Georgia and the rest of the Southeast need to be familiar with new and changing legislation and regulation on water use,” said H. Bruce Jackson, partner and co-team leader of the Water Resources Practice Team. “Arnall Golden Gregory is well-versed in federal and state water law, and developing the Water Resources Practice Team provides companies a legal partner for navigating this ever-changing area of law.”


While changes in water law will create additional legal responsibilities for developers, agricultural businesses and the like, other industries, such as water technology research and water management will have opportunities to participate in an arena that has historically been operated by government.


“As governments come to realize that water is a scarce and increasingly expensive resource, they will be looking to the private sector for solutions,” said John L. Gornall, Jr., partner and co-team leader. “We have helped numerous clients develop public-private partnership and franchise agreements and believe this will be an important component of work for the Water Resources Practice Team.”


As part of that work, Arnall Golden Gregory hosted the Southeast-Israel Water Technology Business Exchange on October 15. Given its arid geography, Israel has for some time been at the cutting edge of developing solutions to water use challenges. The event brought together Israeli water technology companies and Southeast-based organizations to foster a greater understanding of local water challenges and approaches used in Israel that may mitigate those challenges. The event was also sponsored by the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, the Government of Israel Economic Mission U.S. Southeast Region and the Center for Water Technology.


Water Resources Practice Team:


H. Bruce Jackson, partner and co-team leader. Jackson is a member of the Colorado bar where his practice focuses almost exclusively on water law. He has worked on Georgia water issues since the early 1980s when he represented the Georgia Council of Trout Unlimited on water quality issues related to a re-regulation dam proposed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


John L. Gornall, Jr., partner and co-team leader. Gornall has many years experience with public, private and public-private water and waste water systems. He has represented government, development authorities, lenders and developers in designing and operating water-related plants.


John C. Spinrad, partner. Spinrad has counseled and litigated on Clean Water Act wastewater discharge permits, groundwater withdrawal permits and development issues related to wetlands and stream buffers. He has also worked on water cleanup cases including a federal Superfund project for a two-mile dredging of Chattanooga Creek.


Brooke Frankel Dickerson, of counsel. Prior to joining Arnall Golden Gregory, Dickerson was an Assistant Regional Counsel at Region IV of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She has counseled clients on issues regulated by the Federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, the Georgia Hazardous Site Response Act and the Georgia Hazardous Site Reuse and Redevelopment Act. Dickerson has also assisted clients in obtaining and complying with Clean Water Act wastewater discharge and storm water permits, and regularly counsels clients on sustainable business and building issues.


Daniel M. Formby, of counsel. Formby has extensive experience in negotiations and transactions involving the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He has represented the Georgia Ports Authority and the Georgia Department of Transportation on issues related to the Savannah River and surrounding wetlands.


Stephen P. Pocalyko, of counsel. Pocalyko received his J.D. and certificate in Environmental Law from Tulane Law School. While there, he was the managing editor for the Tulane Environmental Law Journal and the student attorney at the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic.


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