Abe Schear Interviews Dene Oliver for Shopping Center Business

AGG Partner Abe J. Schear interviews a personality in the retail industry for Shopping Center Business magazine every other month. This month, he conducted his interview in front of a live audience at the InterFace Retail: Atlanta conference in April. He met with Dene Oliver, principal and chief executive officer of OliverMcMillan. In the interview, which was featured in the May edition of the magazine under the title “Mixed-Use Artist,” Mr. Schear discusses with Mr. Oliver the Buckhead Atlanta project, a project in the heart of Buckhead that was formerly known as The Streets of Buckhead (see this recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which quotes Mr. Schear). Because the interview took place before OliverMcMillan closed on the deal, Mr. Oliver avoids using many references in the discussion. They talk about how the success of Buckhead Atlanta is integrating all of the components that are around it, so that it’s both scaled and works with the neighborhood. Mr. Oliver explains how restaurants are really a critical portion of a complex like this because they add to the experience and act as an anchor for the whole project.