Health Care Facilities' Move to Malls Creates 'Win-Win' for Landlords, Patients

On September 10, 2009, AGG Partners Abe Schear and Scott Shuman were interviewed by the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. for an article titled, “Heath Care Facilities’ Move to Malls Creates ‘Win-Win’ for Landlords, Patients,” in which they discussed the trend in commercial development, termed “health care real estate” (HCRE).  Mr. Schear and Mr. Shuman explained that as construction costs have skyrocketed, there’s been a push for off-site services and in turn a greater demand for medical office space in mixed-use developments like shopping malls.  Moreover, in the article, Mr. Schear and Mr. Shuman suggested medical facilities best suited for these spaces, and discussed financial rationales, potential issues when dealing medical provider management, different leasing standards and space restrictions, build-out strategies, liabilities and potential effects of health care legislation on the HCRE market