Mind Your P's & Q's and Learn the ABC's of MSLs (Medical Science Liaisons)

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September 14, 2005

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September 14, 2005
Noon – 2 pm EST

Presented by AGG and the Medical Science Liaison Institute LLC

Topics covered:

Evolution of Medical Liaisons:  Lessons Learned

Nancy M. Coddington, Ph.D., Senior Director, Compliance, Operations and External Scientific Affairs, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP – Wilmington, Delaware

  • How have the goals and objectives of medical liaisons changed in response to the external environment?

  • How have the action plans designed to accomplish these goals changed?

  • What actions have major pharmaceutical manufacturers taken to decrease the gray areas for medical liaisons?

Why Your Company Should Care About Medical Science Liaisons and Getting Started with an MSL Program

Jane Chin, Ph.D., President, Medical Science Liaison Institute LLC – Redondo Beach, California

  • How can cross-functional interactions remain compliant and effective?

  • How can executives integrate compliance into and beyond MSL training?

  • Can organizations standardize operating procedures without sacrificing customer service?

The Use of MSLs in Information Dissemination:  Minimizing Legal and Regulatory Risk

Alan G. Minsk, Esq., Partner and Leader, Food and Drug Practice Team, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP – Atlanta, Georgia

  • FDA-related considerations

  • Use of Medical Science Liaisons

  • Recommendations to reduce the FDA-related risks

  • Fraud and abuse-related considerations

  • Enforcement considerations and recommendations to minimize fraud and abuse-related risks

People who should attend include those in Clinical Affairs, Compliance, Legal, Marketing, Medical Affairs, Medical Communications, Medical Information, Professional Services, and Regulatory Affairs.

Cost is $100 per location. 

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