Investing in China: What to Expect & Recent Tax and Accounting Changes

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November 4, 2013

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On November 4, 2013, Michael E. Burke will speak on the topic “Investing in China: What to Expect & Recent Tax and Accounting Changes” at an American Institute of CPAs webinar.  The webinar will cover topics such as: 

Part I – What to Expect:

Learn about the best practices for a global growth strategy that includes a significant presence in China. Speakers will provide insights on the risks and benefits of entering the Chinese market, conducting market research and due diligence, building business alliances, navigating valuation issues, finding the right China structure for your operations, and minimizing the risks to your global operations related to doing business in China.

Part II – Recent Tax and Accounting Changes:

China’s tax system recently has undergone changes that also affect China’s accounting system. This session will examine recent tax and accounting changes in China and how they affect foreign investment and cross-border transactions. Also discussed will be how to “translate” books and records kept under IFRS as applicable in China into U.S. GAAP (and vice versa).

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