Immigration Enforcement: Developments in Washington and in the States

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October 31, 2011

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Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
171 17th Street NW, Suite 2100
Atlanta, Georgia 30363
United States of America

In Georgia as in many other states, employers who rely on immigrant workers face a rapidly changing and confusing legal landscape. States across the country are taking immigration enforcement into their own hands. The Georgia state legislature has mandated E-Verify for all but the smallest employers. In Washington, powerful House Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith has introduced legislation that would mandate E-Verify for all employers in the U.S.—but also invalidate the worksite provisions in the Georgia law. And several members of Congress, including Smith, have introduced bills that would create new agricultural guest worker programs.

Where does this leave Georgia business owners—in agriculture and other sectors? What are the prospects of something passing in Congress? Are there any lessons to be learned from other states? And what should be the next steps, if any, for Georgia employers?

Please join Washington-based ImmigrationWorks USA president Tamar Jacoby and moderator Charles H. Kuck of Kuck Immigration Partners LLC for an off-the-record update and conversation.

Please bring a business card to gain entry to the event.

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Lunch generously provided by Kuck Immigration Partners LLC.

ImmigrationWorks USA is a national nonprofit organization building a grassroots business constituency in favor of immigration reform. The national network links major corporations, trade associations and 25 state-based coalitions of small to medium-sized employers working to advance better immigration law. Their common aim: legislation that brings America’s annual legal intake of foreign workers more realistically into line with the country’s labor needs.