Hot Topics in Antitrust: What Counsel and Companies Should be Aware Of

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April 25, 2013

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The attorneys of Arnall Golden Gregory’s Litigation Practice Group and Antitrust Litigation Practice Team held a complimentary Litigation Series webinar on Thursday, April 25, 2013 from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST.

AGG partners Allen I. Hirsch and Jeffrey S. Jacobovitz discussed the following key topics during the one hour presentation:

I. Overview

  • A brief synopsis of the relevant statutes:

    • Sherman §1 

    • Sherman §2 

    • Clayton §3 

    • Clayton §7 ‘

    • Robinson Patman 

    •  FTC A

  • The Applicable Test

    • Per Se vs. Rule of Reason

II. Criminal Cartel Cases

  • Increasing DOJ Enforcement 

    • Significant increase in jail sentences and fines over the last ten years 

    • Significant increase in international cartel cases and cooperation with international authorities

  • Fines 

    • What does this mean for companies 

  • Jail Sentences 

    • What does this mean for officers of companies 

  • Bid Rigging/Price Fixing 

  • As in-house counsel, what to look for 

  • How to Prevent These Cases 

  • What to do if a Search Warrant is being executed

III. Mergers & Acquisitions 

  • Clayton §7 – “Substantial Likelihood of Lessening Competition” 

  • DOJ/FTC Guideline – Current Climate for Merger Review 

  • Pre-Merger Conduct / “Gun Jumping” 

    • HSR – Filing Requirements / Market Definition

IV. Resale Price Maintenance

  • Pre-Leegin – The Days of Per Se Analysis 

  • Leegin – The Case that Changed It All 

  • Post Leegin – Confusing and Controversial

V. Health Care Enforcement 

  • DOJ/FTC Guidelines 

    • How do they impact on enforcement 

  • Provider Networks and Joint Ventures 

  • Professional Association Activity

  • What are the risks in participation 

  • Hospital Issues 

  • Hatch-Waxman Act 

    • Streamlined procedure for obtaining FDA approval of generic pharmaceuticals 

  • Settlements 

    • FTC and DOJ have challenged settlements as being anticompetitive; 

    • “reverse payments” or “pay for delay” agreements 

  • How to Avoid Government Scrutiny on a Settlement

VI. Intellectual Property 

  • Patent Antitrust Issues 

    • Recent enforcement cases 

    • Causes of action under Section 2

  • Patent Misuse 

    • Does the patent holder have to forfeit its right to enforce the patent 

  • Licensing of IP Rights 

    • Are license agreements contracts within the scope of Section 1 

  • Non-patent IP issues 

    • Copyrights and trademarks 

    • Antitrust counterclaims 

  • Areas of Exposure for In-House Counsel in the IP Area