What Georgia Companies Need to Know Now: A Preview of World Trade Day

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March 29, 2017

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In May, Atlanta will host the First Annual World Trade Day “Trade Talk: Real Conversations About the Future of Global Trade,” drawing representatives from various international organizations serving the Southeast region.

Changes in leadership and country dynamics in key countries like the U.S, UK, China, Brazil, and even Cuba have raised questions about the future of trade policies, government regulations, and even diplomatic relations. Sweeping changes that impact everything from tariffs and immigration to in-country logistics and brand reputation are expected. Yet, most global executives are uncertain about how to prepare for the effects of disruptions as well as capture hidden opportunities. 

Join AGG Partner Michael E. Burke, President of Mullins International Solutions, Donna Mullins and Management Consultant Craig Gustin for a preview discussion of the events and programs that will take place at World Trade Day.

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