High School Pipeline Project for Minority Students

Each year AGG hosts the State Bar lunch and a one-on-one mentoring session as part of the High School Pipeline Project for Minority Students. The summer program targets high school students and has two primary objectives: improving students skills in grammar, writing and speech to assist them in college and law school; and providing mentoring sessions with members of the judiciary and attorneys who can inspire, educate and motivate students to consider law as a career.

AGG's Women's Initiative

AGG’s Women’s Initiative hosts quarterly functions to promote internal networking and teambuilding among the firm’s women attorneys, female summer associates, clients and the community. The firm supports and seeks to develop female leadership within the firm and to align itself with the firm's female clients by understanding and supporting their unique needs as professional women.

Attorney Maternity and Paternity Paid Leave Policy

To help facilitate a smooth transition for attorneys with new family members, AGG offers a maternity and paternity paid leave policy to enable new parents to spend time with their newborn, newly adopted or recently placed foster children. We recognize the physical, emotional and psychological demands of both childbirth and adoption, and believe a period of leave can be important for the well-being of both the parent and the child.

Childcare Subsidy

As part of our efforts to support the unique family needs of our employees, AGG offers subsidized childcare services for our attorneys and staff members residing in Georgia. We provide 50% of the monthly tuition cost at two local daycares that are conveniently located close to our Atlanta office.