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What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been: FDA’s Recent Enforcement in the Product Promotional Arena (and Where we Might be Headed)
AGG Seminars & Webinars
November 29, 2016
Speaker(s) Alan G. Minsk


Much has been written and said by us and others about FDA's latest setbacks in limiting off-label, and what it perceives to be unlawful, promotion. So, what's the latest and what might we expect to see in the future? In this one-hour complimentary webinar, Alan Minsk of AGG's Food and Drug Practice Team, will discuss the following topics:

  • FDA’s Enforcement Against Pre-Approval Promotion
  • The PhRMA/BIO Principles on sharing truthful and non-misleading information
  • FDA's recent public hearing on off-label communications
  • Non-FDA-related issues to consider with off-label promotion
  • Crystal ball time: Where might we be headed

Credits: This webinar is pending CLE credit by the State Bar of Georgia.

Note: The presentation and audio for this webinar will be streamed through your computer, a dial-in number will not be provided.