Trademark and Trade Dress Litigation

Arnall Golden Gregory’s trademark and trade dress practice recognizes that a client’s brand, either via trademarks or distinctive packaging or other trade dress, often represent a client’s most valuable assets. While litigation may be a last resort, AGG’s attorneys have decades of experience resolving disputes, either via litigation or alternative dispute resolution, over such matters.

AGG’s trademark and trade dress litigation practice has both successfully obtained and successfully defended preliminary injunctions brought to enforce rights in trademark or trade dress.

Once a decision to litigate has been made, AGG’s attorneys are extremely thorough and careful in trial preparation from document collection, review and production, and depositions through the trial of the case. AGG utilizes dispositive motions and other motion practice to reduce the numbers of claims asserted or can result in an early resolution of the case. Should a case proceed to trial, AGG presents complicated subject matter and evidence in a way that is easily understandable by a judge or jury.