Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs)

Third-party logistics providers, also referred to as 3PLs, are engaged by various industries, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer, energy, retail, and technology to provide supply chain management, warehouse distribution and transportation management solutions.  Third-party logistics providers confront unique challenges due to the cross-over nature of the services they provide.  Our knowledge and experience in this industry enable us to grasp the complex realities of the third-party logistics entity’s integration with its customers and the unique legal ramifications that emerge in the transportation and supply chain arena.  3PL contracts redefine the landscape of an industry that involves a multitude of intricate legal issues.  The services offered may implicate state law, federal statutes, licensing, and international treaty obligations.  3PL services are hybrid in nature and may be inclusive of more traditional functions such as warehousing, customs brokerage, export compliance, freight forwarding and carrier functions (NVOCC and IAC). These various aspects of the 3PL business, when combined in a master service agreement, create in many instances unique contractual responsibilities that are different than the traditional roles when performed on an ad hoc basis.  Our team has the knowledge essential to advising clients on managing these risks and minimizing liabilities in the context of today’s intensely competitive business environment.