Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry impacts nearly every aspect of our economy, and its rapidly-evolving nature presents ongoing opportunities and challenges to businesses worldwide. Arnall Golden Gregory’s Oil and Gas Practice applies an integrated, cross-disciplinary team approach to work with industry participants, focused particularly on the midstream market, on a daily basis in addressing those opportunities and challenges in a manner designed to best achieve their business goals.

The members of our team have extensive experience advising clients regarding a broad range of corporate and transactional matters, including:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Formation of joint ventures for the development, construction and operation of pipelines and other transportation assets, or the offering of transportation-related services such as biofuel blending
  • Debt facilities
  • Operations and services agreements, including with respect to jointly owned assets
  • Interconnection, terminaling, throughput and other transportation and storage contracts
  • Pipeline and capacity leases and other access agreements
  • Joint tariff division agreements
  • Pump-out, commission, fuel purchase and transload agreements
  • Construction, employment, confidentiality and other forms of contracts
  • Corporate structure and governance
  • Executive compensation, including options and other equity-based arrangements
  • General corporate advice

Members of our team also have substantial experience in handling all forms of disputes, ranging from serious personal injury and insurance coverage disputes involving contractors and other third parties to tariff and contract disputes and all forms of employment disputes. We regularly handle disputes involving multi-million dollar claims. Our practice is nationwide, having represented oil and gas clients in countless state and federal trial and appellate courts.

Offering the convenience of a full-service law firm, our practice also includes attorneys in related inter-disciplinary areas with oil and gas-specific experience in their realm of expertise, including environmental, labor and employment, employment discrimination, ERISA and other aspects of qualified and non-qualified plans, welfare and fringe benefit plans, golden parachute and deferred compensation arrangements, intellectual property, real estate and tax matters (including MLP considerations). This oil and gas expertise allows our clients to receive industry-specific advice and guidance, yielding positive business outcomes.

In whatever service we provide, our philosophy is simple – listen to our client’s business goals and then address the matter at hand as promptly and practically as possible given those goals.

Representative Clients

Colonial Pipeline Company

AGG serves as outside counsel in all corporate, operational, transactional, litigation, and employment matters for Colonial Pipeline Company. This representation has included providing all forms of transactional and related advice with joint ventures and asset acquisitions and serving as primary counsel in litigation filed across the country. Additionally, one of our team members was placed as a contractor with Colonial’s legal department for nine months, which involved working closely with Colonial’s legal team and business executives.

Buckeye Partners, L.P.

AGG serves as primary outside employment counsel for Buckeye Partners, L.P., a NYSE listed MLP, including representing Buckeye in a significant employee restructuring, in litigation in various jurisdictions, and in providing day-to-day advice. AGG has also assisted Buckeye in transactional matters in the southeastern United States.

Indigo Energy Partners

AGG serves as outside general counsel for Indigo Energy Partners, a privately held energy company focused on fuel reclamation and the marketing and distribution of petroleum products. This representation has included representing Indigo in joint ventures, financing, operational, and litigation matters.

RPC, Inc.

AGG serves as securities and M&A counsel for RPC, Inc., an oilfield services company listed on the NYSE. AGG has represented RPC, Inc. in this capacity for many years and has represented the company in multiple acquisitions.

Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.

AGG serves as special securities counsel Plains All American Pipeline, L.P., a NYSE listed MLP.