Media Defense

Arnall Golden Gregory’s Media Law Practice Group has extensive experience representing media clients in the defense of libel, defamation, invasion of privacy and related tort claims, responding to subpoenas for newsgathering materials from civil and criminal litigants in cases where the client is not a party, and in pursuing the media’s rights under open records and open meetings laws.  AGG also counsels its clients in connection with the newsgathering process and by providing pre-publication and pre-broadcast review of articles.  The AGG media group brings a practical approach to representing its clients and seeks solutions that are consistent with the client’s newsgathering and reporting goals. 

AGG’s Media Law Practice Group seeks to work with its media clients to maximize their ability to gather and report the news.  We do this by providing pre-publication or pre-broadcast counseling that seeks to identify and balance the risks of claims with the client’s news judgment and goals.  We also represent clients in responding to retraction demands that typically precede filing of a lawsuit.  When a lawsuit is filed or a subpoena is received, AGG seeks early dismissal of claims based on first amendment principles and statutory defenses.   AGG also assists its media clients in using the state and federal open records laws to obtain access to public documents as well as using state open meetings laws to gain access to government proceedings. 

Media Law Practice Group Chair Robert Rothman worked as a newspaper reporter for more than six years before attending law school.  He obtained his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Florida College of Journalism.