The Arnall Golden Gregory Manufacturing Practice has assisted hundreds of companies structure and prosper in their business engagements.  We assist our clients in mitigating risks with an emphasis on lean, efficient and practical counsel to allow them to capitalize on economic opportunities.  We emphasize implementing flexible, practical plans both to avoid reacting piecemeal to the onslaught of issues that arise in the course of a project, and to avoid potential sources of liability and dispute before they arise. 

We serve a broad range of clients and industries.  Our clients range in size from small start-ups to mid-size family-owned and managed enterprises to large multi-national corporations that have significant world-wide operations.  Industries served by our clients include the full spectrum of manufacturing activities:

  • automotive, aerospace and freight and passenger rail transport vehicles and systems;
  • renewables supply chain including wind, solar, biofuels, recycling, waste-to-energy and “cleantech”;
  • steel and smelting;
  • oil, gas and chemicals;
  • food;
  • pharmaceuticals, drugs and medical devices;
  • machine tools, machine building and electrical and electronic equipment.

Our Manufacturing Practice involves both counseling in day-to-day operational matters, as well as support in significant transactions.  Routine operational support includes:

  • negotiation with customers and suppliers and drafting and review of purchase orders, frame supply agreements, nomination letters and similar documentation;
  • employment and HR counseling on a national scale including immigration compliance, executive compensa¬tion, compliance with federal, state and local laws regarding wages, hours of work, working conditions, prohibitions on discrimination and similar matter, establishment of employ¬ment and benefits policies and programs, risk claims avoidance counseling, and employment offers and contracts, and defense in the face of claims and alleged violations;
  • environmental compliance;
  • addressing customer payment and bankruptcy risk;
  • litigation risk and liability risk avoidance counseling;
  • trademark, patent, copyright strategies to protect intellectual property;
  • commercial and product liability litigation, arbitration and mediation involving both assertion of contractual and other rights and defense of claims;
  • customs and trade law matters;
  • foreign corrupt practices act counseling and compliance;
  • supply chain, freight, and logistics documentation and dispute resolution;
  • compliance with new legal mandates including.

Typical transactional engagements include:

  • organization of a sales, distribution, or support structures and contracts;
  • licensing and franchise models;
  • joint ventures and strategic alliances with local and foreign partners;
  • acquisition of a competitor or partner;
  • addressing financing needs whether by bank loans or issuance of other debt, receipt of equity investments, securities or public offerings or other financing vehicles;
  • establishment of distribution, assembly or production facilities;
  • foreign market entry and cross-border activities;
  • succession and inter-generational wealth transfer planning for family-owned enterprises;
  • acquisition and lease of commercial real estate;
  • negotiation of economic development incentives offered by federal, state and local governments and agencies, power suppliers and development authorities, and then helping manufacturers complete projects, including emphasis on creative financing based on a combination of property tax reduction, tax credits, low or no interest loans or credit enhancement.