International IP Strategy

In today’s global marketplace, companies require international expertise for trademark and brand protection. Arnall Golden Gregory’s Trademark Practice is global, working on behalf of our clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. Most of AGG’s clients conduct business and own intellectual property rights worldwide or are multinational companies, and we assist in the creation, registration, protection and enforcement of trademarks abroad. AGG attorneys routinely clear and register new marks, maintain and enforce existing registrations, monitor third-party applications, record assignments, mergers, and other documents with trademark registries, record trademarks with customs offices, and manage trademark-related disputes and infringement actions throughout the world. We also advise our clients on the implications of international treaties and agreements on their trademarks such as the Paris Convention, the Trademark Law Treaty, the Nice Agreement on International Classification, and NAFTA. AGG has access to experienced foreign trademark associates in countries across the globe, and we partner with these associates to seamlessly provide international intellectual property services.