International Business

Arnall Golden Gregory is helping our clients remain at the forefront of Globalization and Regulation, two of the most significant trends in the market today as well as the foreseeable future.  The movement of businesses, people, information and funds transferring in and out of the United States are becoming more frequent, but also more complex and precarious.  Arnall Golden Gregory assists our clients, which include U.S. Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized corporations, major international corporations, foreign governments, trade associations and individuals, in complying with regulations as well as using our offices in the gateway cities of Atlanta and Washington DC, to take advantage of these two market trends.  Our International Business Practice includes attorneys with an international mindset and a dedication to internationally-oriented practices and alliances with leading law firms across the world through Globalaw™ and the Employment Law Alliance.

AGG supports its legal services with multilingual legal professionals, employing attorneys from Russia and Germany and attorneys and paralegals fluent in Russian, German, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Mandarin & Cantonese, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Romanian and Yoruba.