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Hot Topics in Government Contracts
AGG Seminars & Webinars
October 16, 2014

The attorneys of Arnall Golden Gregory LLP's Government Contracts and Government Investigation and Special Matters Practices invite you to attend a complimentary one-hour webinar, “Hot Topics in Government Contracts” on October 16, 2014.

Government contractors face increased prosecution risk in three principal areas: Mandatory Disclosure, Antitrust and False Claims. Join AGG’s Washington, DC attorneys as they discuss updates and potential concerns in each of those areas, focusing on:

The Mandatory Disclosure Rule (MDR)

  • When are disclosures required? 
  • Exceptions to the MDR
  • What constitutes credible evidence? 
  • What constitutes timely disclosure? 
  • Who is a Principal? 
  • Balancing timely disclosure with a thorough internal investigation

Antitrust prosecution 

  • Justice Department aggressiveness in pursuing bid rigging and price fixing against government contractors, leading to prison terms of up to 14 years

The False Claims Act (FCA)

  • Recent amendments and cases that have expanded the scope of liability under the FCA 
  • The expanding pool of potential whistleblowers and the increasing number of qui tams that have been filed
  • Greater government demands for damages and fines

Register Now to hear AGG’s partners Tenley A. CarpJeffrey S. Jacobovitz and Sara M. Lord share advice on the best possible responses to a government investigation and how to proactively limit company exposure.