Government Contracts

AGG’s Government Contracts Group advises companies selling goods and services to federal, state and local government with respect to every aspect of the heavily regulated government contracts process. AGG lawyers are experienced in dealing with the wide range of legal issues that arise in government contracting and they strive to provide comprehensive solutions to the increasingly complex problems that arise out of selling goods and services to federal, state and local government. Whether the company’s legal need calls for litigation (bid protests, claims, prime-subcontractor disputes), counseling (such as compliance issues, terminations, audits and investigations, GSA Schedules, small business issues, the Service Contract Act, the Trade Agreement Act, the Buy American Act, protecting intellectual property in government contracts, to name a few) or transactions (due diligence in mergers and acquisitions involving at least one party which is a government contractor), AGG’s government contracts attorneys can address the most complex government contracts questions.

AGG’s Government Contracts Group represent both large, sophisticated government contractors which have been selling goods and services to the multiple federal government agencies for many years as well as small and emerging companies which are new to the government marketplace and attempting to obtain their first awards. AGG’s lawyers help government contractors in any industry to navigate the maze of statutes, regulations and contractual provisions governing how government contractors conduct business with their government customers. The depth of AGG’s government contracts practice is strengthened by AGG’s outstanding corporate, white collar, intellectual property and employment law attorneys who work closely with the government contract attorneys to answer questions and resolve problems for clients.