Electronic Discovery

Arnall Golden Gregory’s Electronic Discovery and Information Management Practice helps our clients efficiently, thoroughly, and cost-effectively respond to electronic discovery challenges in litigation proceedings and government investigations. When a dispute or investigation is reasonably anticipated, the Electronic Discovery Practice team will go to work developing a customized e-discovery plan to ensure that our clients meet their discovery obligations while managing and, to the extent possible, minimizing costs. An oft-repeated Electronic Discovery axiom is that a company’s first foray in this area is its most expensive. To counter this, AGG’s Electronic Discovery Practice brings its experiences to bear in working closely with our clients, long before a dispute is on the horizon, to shore up document retention, handling, and destruction policies so that when a dispute does arise, our clients are prepared to effectively and efficiently meet their e-discovery obligations.

AGG’s Electronic Discovery Practice helps its clients navigate the evolving e-discovery compliance requirements imposed by state and federal courts, which create significant burdens on, and risks to, litigants and their counsel who fail to take reasonable steps to preserve and produce electronic data. Our experienced attorneys have committed themselves to staying abreast of the legal and technological developments in this rapidly evolving area. In addition to obtaining favorable results in all manner of discovery disputes, AGG’s Electronic Discovery Practice is particularly proud of its track record of developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions for resolving e-discovery challenges in an efficient manner. Indeed, our attorneys are frequently called on to consult with other law firms to assist them in handling complicated issues in this specialized field.

AGG’s Electronic Discovery Practice embraces a “team approach” to tackling electronic discovery issues. Instead of dictating a “one size fits all” methodology, the team’s lawyers and computer technicians partner with our client’s in-house legal staff, business unit heads, and IT department to craft sensible and thorough solutions. Understanding our clients’ business needs and information system architecture better enables us to develop and deploy an efficient and cost-effective electronic discovery plan.