Directors and Officers Litigation

Director & Officer, (“D&O”), litigation involves claims for liability made against directors and officers of public and private corporations. Our Litigation Group routinely represents directors and officers in derivative and class actions arising out of tender offers, going private transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and securities issues. We have wide-ranging experience in all types of litigation involving the duties and responsibilities of directors and officers, including litigation in state and federal court, derivative suits, creditor or trustee claims in bankruptcy, shareholder demand letters and Special Committee investigations. We also assist corporations, directors and officers, and insurance companies with coverage issues related to D&O policies.  We work closely with D&O insurance carriers to keep them advised with respect to such matters.

Arnall Golden Gregory's Litigation Group often leverages our sophisticated public securities, M&A and capital markets practices to represent clients in litigation and provide advice arising from proxy disclosures, hostile offers, poison pills, busted or troubled deals, shareholder suits, SEC issues, exchange or regulatory inquiries, post-closing adjustments, alleged breaches of fiduciary duties, appraisal actions, books and records actions, and challenges to corporate governance.