Arnall Golden Gregory’s Copyright Practice protects our clients’ creative works around the world. The firm has registered many types of subject matter under the U.S. Copyright Act including works relating to the technology and software industries, print, publishing, architecture, television, radio, newspaper, e-commerce, music publishing and sound recordings, and the Internet.

Whether the work is literary, musical, multimedia or software, AGG’s Copyright Practice is up to the challenge. In addition to copyright in traditional works, our attorneys are familiar with the complex issues presented by new forms of technology.   

AGG’s Copyright Practice also regularly counsels clients on rights on clearance issues, copyright licensing and setting up in-house copyright filing programs. And, when others infringe our clients’ copyrights or our clients are accused of infringement, AGG’s Copyright Practice provides aggressive, yet practical, representation.

Unlike most firms, AGG has been litigating highly complex software copyright infringement matters since the mid-1980s.  AGG’s Copyright Practice attorneys are also adept at obtaining temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunctive relief and, on more than one occasion, have obtained and executed on ex parte seizure orders. We are familiar with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the ways that this act can be used as a sword and a shield and as a way to avoid litigation.  

AGG’s Copyright Practice provides copyright monitoring and enforcement actions relating to the internet -- specifically via various social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest, Twitter, etc.). This involves both sending and responding to DMCA takedown notices, demand letters, and complaints via the tools set up by the various platforms.

In addition, AGG takes pride in defending the public domain. Unlike some, AGG’s attorneys will provide fair use opinions to their clients and will back up those opinions if litigation ensues. Also, when representing defendants, AGG has asserted numerous copyright misuse claims and has won numerous victories by pointing out that the allegedly infringed works at issue were not original to their owners.

While AGG has registered copyrights for a large array of works, AGG’s experience in copyrighting software, and in litigating copyright infringement disputes concerning software, is unmatched. AGG has been handling such disputes since before there was much law on the topic. From prosecuting infringement cases involving large main frame computer programs to claims by the Business Software Alliance that a company is illegally using desktop software, AGG has provided practical, efficient services.

AGG’s Copyright Practice supports corporate due diligence efforts for companies owning copyright protected works.

AGG has been a member of the Copyright Society of the U.S. for well over a decade and its attorneys have held leadership positions in that organization.