Brand Strategy and Management

A “brand” is the essence of any business - a name, logo, tagline, term, sign, symbol, color or design that identifies a company and the products and services it offers.  A brand often reflects the personality of a company in the eyes of its customers, partners, employees and investors, and it acts to distinguish one company from another in a crowded marketplace. Finding its roots in the ancient practice of burning identifying marks into property to denote source or ownership, branding involves the development and use of “marks” (i.e. trademarks) by companies on all of their products and services to build source identification in the minds of the consuming public. Successful brand strategy and management, built around a strong portfolio of intellectual property, is the key to unlocking the value of a brand, resulting in higher sales and increased profits.

Companies invest significant resources, including time, talent and capital, in developing a brand. AGG stands alongside its clients to assist with these efforts, every step of the way. From meeting with clients early and often regarding brand strategy and management, to helping our clients select strong, distinctive trademarks for use in the branding process, a talented team of AGG trademark attorneys is involved in every facet of brand strategy and management. AGG attorneys routinely advise on the creation, registration, protection and enforcement of trademarks domestically and abroad. AGG analyzes a client’s entire worldwide trademark strategy to identify cost-effective and efficient options for brand management based on a client’s specific business needs, marks, products and/or services, and key markets.

As part of AGG’s management of our clients’ intellectual property portfolios, we also provide an array of brand monitoring and enforcement services to protect the brands of our clients from infringers. These services include monthly searches of the United States Patent and Trademark Office records, monitoring of brands, trademarks, and domain names across social media, marketing, advertising, and the internet, drafting cease and desist letters to infringers, prosecuting opposition and cancellation proceedings before the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and litigating intellectual property disputes before state and federal courts.