Antitrust Litigation

Our attorneys regularly represent clients in both civil and criminal antitrust matters throughout the United States and on international cartel matters. Three of our partners have significant experience in defending clients in antitrust grand jury investigations and prosecutions, both domestically and in foreign cartel cases. We have secured favorable resolutions for our clients through negotiations with the Department of Justice and through jury trials, including follow-up civil class action cases resulting from criminal prosecutions and in private civil actions. We also have significant experience in governmental regulatory matters and private antitrust litigation, including class actions.

Our attorneys are also experienced in representing clients in state attorney general investigations and matters involving unfair trade practices and unfair competition. In addition, we counsel clients in the antitrust compliance issues, and prepare Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) filings to secure antitrust approval from the FTC and the DOJ. Representatives clients for whom we provide antitrust counseling include a Fortune 100 company and one of the country’s largest privately-owned companies.

One of our principals is a former antitrust litigation attorney with the Bureau of Competition of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) who regularly deals with the Department of Justice and the FTC on regulatory matters and is currently the Vice Chair of the ABA’s Antitrust Section of the Federal Civil Enforcement Committee. Another principal is former Vice Chair of the ABA’s Private Antitrust Committee. Two of our principals are former Asst. U.S. Attorneys, one of whom was named one of the 10 outstanding AUSA’s in the country.