Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can be a just, speedy and more economical alternative to traditional litigation.  There are two principal types of ADR: mediation and arbitration. The former is a non-binding process whereby the parties meet with the help of an experienced mediator, who attempts to assist the parties in negotiating resolution of a pending or threatened dispute. Successful mediation requires experienced counsel to advocate the best case for the client and thereby procure a desirable settlement without having to undergo the time and expense of formal litigation.

Arbitration may be either binding or nonbinding and utilizes either a single arbitrator or a three-arbitrator panel. While arbitration is more like formal litigation than mediation, it generally entails far less discovery and, thus, can be faster and more economical. Because there is a very limited right of appeal from an arbitral award, competent legal representation is crucial in the arbitration process. 

Most of AGG’s litigation attorneys and several of our healthcare and intellectual property attorneys have represented numerous clients in both types of ADR proceedings. Several of our attorneys have served as arbitrators and mediators, thereby giving them a special insight into the subtleties and nuances of ADR proceedings.

Our attorneys have handled arbitration proceedings around the country administered by the American Arbitration Association, JAMS, ICDR, and other major arbitral tribunals.  We are not only skilled and experienced in the handling of the adversarial arbitration process, but are likewise skilled and experienced in the negotiation and drafting of arbitration and mediation agreements.

In addition to their experience representing clients in arbitrations and mediations, several of our litigation, healthcare and intellectual property attorneys are members of the American Arbitration Association and International Centre for Dispute Resolution Neutral Panels, both as arbitrators and certified mediators. Several AGG lawyers are members of the Atlanta International Arbitration Society, and one serves as the President of that society. Another AGG lawyer has been named to Best Lawyers in America in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Many AGG lawyers have spoken before bar meetings and in CLE seminars and given presentations on various aspects of arbitration.