Summer Program

Arnall Golden Gregory LLP is proud to have a track record of successful summer associate programs, ranked among the top programs in the nation and in Atlanta.

Size of Summer Program

We historically hire between 5-10 law students for our summer associate program. The small size of our class allows us to personalize each student’s summer experience. From the first day, summer associates receive challenging work in areas of law that interest them. Participation and interaction among our attorneys, support staff and fellow summer associates provide a realistic, productive and gratifying experience. Spending a summer with AGG exposes summer associates to life in our law firm and helps shapes their careers.

Summer Associate Sponsors

Summer associates are assigned to partner and associate sponsors. Sponsors provide guidance on successful practice management and methods for client and career development, as well as assistance with the summer associate's introduction and integration into the firm. Both sponsors are available to discuss work assignments and to address questions regarding any facet of our summer program and firm.

Summer Associate Work Assignments and Evaluations

Our summer associates are not part of a formal rotation program. Attorneys wishing to assign work to a summer associate are required to complete and submit a work assignment request form. Projects are then assigned by the Work Assignment Coordinator, who is ultimately responsible for managing summer associate work flow throughout the program. A summer associate’s particular areas of interest and current work load are taken into consideration when assigning projects. Through our work assignment process, we intend to provide summer associates with a variety of projects and the opportunity to work with as many AGG partners and associates as possible throughout the summer program.

While attorneys are available to answer questions and provide feedback throughout the course of a work assignment, our evaluation process ensures summer associates receive constructive reviews of their work. For each completed project, the assigning attorney is required to complete an evaluation form. Summer associates receive a formal performance review conducted by the Hiring Partner and the Work Assignment Coordinator at the midpoint and conclusion of the summer program.

Summer Program Activities

The summer program is an exciting and enjoyable time for summer associates and attorneys. We plan a calendar with many social and community activities, which provide an excellent opportunity for summer associates to get to know members of the firm and the city of Atlanta. In recent years, AGG’s summer program included trips to well-known Atlanta landmarks such as the Georgia Capitol, the Carter Center, the CNN Center, the Martin Luther King Center, the World of Coca-Cola, Braves games and the Georgia Aquarium. Popular group outings have included lunches and dinners at several unique restaurants, dinner parties at partners’ homes, rafting excursions, bowling tournaments, movie outings and an annual "AGG Trivia Scavenger Hunt."

Here's what a few past summer associates have to say about their AGG experience:

“My summer at AGG greatly surpassed my expectations. I met people interested in not just my work product, but in me as a person. I worked on a host of projects tailored to my interests, and got advice from attorneys interested in making my summer a meaningful learning experience. The organized summer events were wonderful, but what really made the experience were the one-on-one conversations I had, and the realization that the people at AGG genuinely like each other inside and outside of work. I can't wait to start my career here.”
-- Catherine Mattingly – University of Georgia

“AGG is a wonderful place to be a summer associate. I worked with attorneys from nearly every practice group, and each of them took the time not only to familiarize me with the projects I was working on, but also to give me general insight into their practice areas. AGG is a great law firm because of its people, and I felt welcomed and valued from day one. By the end of the summer, I had made not only professional relationships with future colleagues, but also friendships. AGG's supportive and collegial environment is the perfect place to build a successful career, and I am very happy I decided to spend my summer at AGG.”
-- Megan Poitevint – University of Virginia

“Spending the summer at AGG was both a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. The summer program combines meaningful and challenging work assignments with a wide range of social activities. This mix allows summer associates to acquire a true sense of what it is like to be part of the AGG team. From partners to staff, everyone at AGG is approachable, friendly, and helpful, which creates the ideal work environment for an attorney to develop and succeed.”
-- Christina Malone – Georgia State University

“I had a great summer at AGG. The summer program presented the right balance of both work and play. I was given work assignments that gave me an idea of what I would be doing as an associate. The program was structured in a way that allowed me to choose interesting work assignments in the areas of law I liked most. The attorneys at AGG were always friendly, and many were able to attend the social events held throughout the summer. I was given the opportunity to really get to know the partners, as well as the associates at AGG. Overall, it was a great place to spend the summer.”
-- Zach Wilson – Emory University

“I had heard great things about AGG, and was quite excited when I was offered a clerkship. The summer lived up to my expectations – and I am not referring to the trip to the mountains, the whitewater rafting, fancy dinners or other such activities that are quite common at prestigious firms these days. I am referring to the genuinely down-to-earth and bright people that make up this firm and set it apart. Despite having a choice to go elsewhere, I chose to spend my summer at AGG because I had heard that the firm's work environment was what kept people there. A year later, I joined the firm as an associate. I hope to stay for a long, long time.”
-- Anuj Desai – University of Georgia

"My experience as a summer associate exceeded my expectations. The program strikes a great balance in providing both significant work opportunities and a chance to interact in an informal setting with the firm's attorneys. At AGG, there is no hint of a tiered caste system that divides partners, associates, and summer associates. The summer afforded me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships at all levels within the firm, both professionally and personally."
-- Terrell Gilbert – Georgia State University

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