Alan K. Parver

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Washington, DC 20006
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Alan K. Parver has spent three decades working on a wide range of Medicare coverage, payment, coding and claims processing issues that are important to health care providers and manufacturers of health care equipment and products. Since health care reform came to the fore in the early 1990s, Mr. Parver has built on that work to advise clients on far-reaching strategic issues as well. Presently, much of his practice involves developing health policy solutions for health care clients, particularly for the post-acute care sector with emphasis on specialty nutrition issues, infusion therapy, and medical products and services.

Mr. Parver focuses his practice on policy issues that have helped protect Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP program beneficiaries’ access to critical, life-saving therapies. For the past several decades, Mr. Parver has led the advocacy efforts on Medicare Part B coverage and payment issues for enteral nutrition, and has resolved numerous regulatory and claims processing issues involving both parenteral and enteral nutrition therapies. He successfully led the effort to prevent application of inherent reasonableness authority to enteral nutrition, which would have reduced payment levels substantially. He has assisted CMS in the preparation of the enteral nutrition guidelines for Medicare Part B. In the post-acute care arena, he authored legislation that repealed the consolidated billing requirement for Medicare Part B items in skilled nursing facilities. Mr. Parver is a frequent speaker on health policy and reimbursement issues.

Mr. Parver's work in the medical nutritional support, home infusion therapy, and post-acute care sectors make him uniquely suited to counsel clients on payment, reimbursement and other policy issues. In a challenging policy environment, he is sought after by policymakers, medical device manufacturers, and providers to provide strategic advice as well as detailed analysis of technical Medicare issues. His pragmatic and well-reasoned approach gives clients the confidence they need to make sound, informed business decisions.